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Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Studies

        In today's knowledge based economy, you are only as valuable as the credentials you possess. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Studies prepares students for employment in the equine industry.  Students can earn a degree that can assure your career, provide financial security, make an immediate impact for an employer or be the basis for your own business.

HorseCoursesOnline.com, the world's leading provider of online equine study curriculum, has affiliated with Breyer State University, a virtual university accredited by the Educational Accreditation Association to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies.

        Now you can be awarded your Bachelor of Science degree online, working a your pace, when convenient..
With a study at-your-pace format and limited general education requirements, students can earn a diploma within 24 to 28 months.

        Equine courses have a completion deadline of one (1) year from the time of enrollment.  The student may petition for an extension.  Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing (email is accepted - info@horsecoursesonline.com).  Extension requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

        General education classes provided by Breyer State University must be completed in 15 weeks.

        Courses provided by Tallgrass Acupressure Institute must be completed in 90 days.

        High School diploma, 23 equine study courses and 8 Gen-Ed courses needed to graduate.   Enrollment Requirements -
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        Students with general education credits from other colleges may transfer credits to the Breyer State program.   (
Click here to see gen.ed requirements)

       Affordable Education

        The BS degree program is inexpensive in comparison with other college programs.  There is a one-time enrollment fee of $150.  Tuition fee for each course is $400. The final Equine Symposium is $700.00.  A student may enroll in one or more courses at a time, paying only the tuition for the courses being taken. A Breyer State Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Studies will cost $12,850, not including books, as compared to a minimum of $25,000 for a bachelor of arts degree from a small community college.


      Instructors Proven In Their Field of Expertise

          Students work one-on-one with their instructors by e-mail, receiving a link for a new lesson each time they complete assignments and examinations.  Students can e-mail instructors for special assistance, personal answers to questions or just to discuss course theory and practical application.

           Instructors include horsemen and horsewomen with records of success in the field they teach, proving they can both get the job done, and teach others how to be successful.

      Course Format

           The course format allows a student to begin study within hours of enrollment and to study at anytime or place convenient to the student. Each student must work with horses during the program, but at a place and time of his or her choosing.

           Some courses require videos and/or pictures.  You may submit via a video or picture hosting website, such as YouTube or PhotoBucket, or even from your "smart phone."

            Choosing an online format to earn your degree has a lot of advantages over traditional college programs.  The focus is on the student enjoying real-world success almost immediately.  It's exciting, fun and challenging to be able to apply your new knowledge every day.


       Compare Online Learning to Traditional Colleges

            Traditional college graduates have a degree, but few practical experience skills.  They aren't prepared to offer employers or clients instant benefits.

            It's very different with Breyer State University program graduates. Every student can get assistance from his or her instructor at any time, but must eventually solve actual problems on his or her own. Potential employers or potential clients recognize immediately that a Breyer graduate is a self-starter, self-disciplined person with plenty of hands-on experience.

            In an industry without an accepted standard of excellence and with no licensing for trainers, stable managers or boarding facilities, having a college degree, recognized world-wide, is the credential needed for success.

           While there are about 200 equine science degree programs in the U.S., they are scattered across the nation, require on-campus attendance and are more costly with tuitions as high as $26,000 per semester.

           Academics and business leaders agree "online" is equal and often superior to traditional college.

           Online is "new school", offering a wider variety of courses, more one-on-one interaction with instructors, convenience and affordability.  Get started today! 


          The suggested sequence of courses is:
Bits, Saddle Fitting and Shoeing, Nutrition for Maximum PerformanceConformation and Selection for Performance, Understading Behavior Modification, and Training Performance Horses.
Equine Health and Disease Management, Equine Reproduction, Stallion Management and Equine Safety and Rescue are the next recommended series of courses.

Stable Management, The Business of Making Money With Horses, and Legal Aspects of Horse Management, Riding Instructor Role & Responsibility and Riding Instructor Teaching Techniques make up the third series.

Showmanship in Hand, Dressage: A Foundation for All Riding Disciplines, Preparation for Competition, Equine Massage, Equine Photography  and three  electives which include: Competitive Longe Line, Fit To Ride, Ride Competitive Trail, Rev Up Your Dressage Scores, Train A Reiner, Train For Trail Class, Train for Western Riding, Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses, Five Element Theory for Horses, and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Horses finish the recommended order of courses.  (A minimum of three of the "elective courses" is required for graduation.

           The Bachelor of Science degree is awarded by Breyer State University when the student completes the final course, an
Equine Studies Symposium, a comprehensive report demonstrating on video a proficiency in training and horse care.

        Getting Started is as Easy As 1,2,3

         1. Click on "
Sign up here" to access enrollment/order form
         2. Select the course or courses you want
         3. Complete the course order form and click "submit"

         Within hours you'll receive  a welcome note and links to your first course.    
         You're on your way to creating your future and insuring your financial success.

Breyer State University is an affiliate of HorseCoursesOnline, world's leading provider of online Equine Studies degree and certificate programs.