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Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses
An online course by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute (TAAI)

ES 500




         This elective course is provided by Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute.  The course introduces the student to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy, and enables the student to use essential oils along with acupressure to restore energetic balance to a horse.

          Students will gain a general knowledge of essential oils, detailed instructions for using them with horses, charts showing the "acupoints" that  support oils for specific emotional and physical conditions, plus the use of oil aromas and supportive historical background information.

                Lesson 1
                     Overview/History of Essential Oils:
                           Provides the history of essential oils used in healing from 4,000 years ago until present applications.

                Lesson 2
                     Introduction to Essential Oils:
                           Provides an understanding of essential oils, the varying grades of oils, preparation of oils and the physiological ways an oil affects the body.

                Lesson 3
                     Essential Oils and Acupressure:
                           Students learn how the two modalities complement each other when used with horses.

                Lesson 4
                     Using Essential Oils with Horses:
                            Students are given information on how essential oils affect a horse and the olfactory system.  The protocol for presenting oils to horses is provided.

                Lesson 5
                     Botany of Essential Oil Plants:
                            An analysis of more than 25 essential oil plants is presented along with the origin, the means of extraction, actions, cautions and conditions of use.

                Lesson 6 
                     Acu-points and Oils for Emotional Conditions: 
                            Students learn specific acupressure points and oils to use for common emotional conditions.

                Lesson 7
                    Acu-points and Oils for Physical Conditions:
                            Students learn specific acupressure points and oils to use for common physical conditions.

                Essential Oils Session Log

                Chemistry of Essential Oils

                Therapeutic Index


                Resources and References


       There is are no required textbooks for this course.

        Tallgrass Acupressure Institute had a completiton deadline of 90 days. 

         The grading scale for this course is as follows:
                 90-100%  =    A
                 80-89%    =    B
                 70-79%    =    C
                 Below 70%     Fail

        You are strongly encouraged to communicate via email with the instructor.  If at any time during this course you change your email address, please be sure to notify the instructor and office right away.
        Do not use text messaging shorthand or acronyms when communicating with the instructor.
        Please include full name and address in all correspondence.  

        Many lessons require written assignments or essays.  They should be submitted as an attachment to an email using Word or a similar word processing software.
        Please be sure to include full name and email address on all documents - not just in the email message. 
        Proper grammar and spelling will be graded.
        Do not use text messaging shorthand or acronyms - this is college level work.

        Access to a horse is required.
        All assignments and quizzes must be completed.

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