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Fit To Ride
ES 485


Instructor: Norma Fay



        This elective online course is not a dieting plan.  In fact, instructor Norma Fay, a horsewoman and certified weight management consultant says "don't diet."
        The student will develop a personal S.M.A.R.T. goal - Specific, Measurable, Action, Realistic, and Timed.  You will also learn how to develop a personal healthy eating plan, and you'll get  F.I.T (frequency, intensity, time) with both aerobic and resistance exercise plans.
         When riding, there is one aid which is always there - your weight.
         Most of us know when we are a little too heavy.  But most of us don't know what we can do about it, short of dieting, which we all know never has lasting results.
         Follow the steps to a happier, healthier equestrian lifestyle.
        The four Fit to Ride lessons will transform you into the rider you want to bea Fit to Ride rider enjoying the horse/rider partnership as it was meant to be.

         Lesson One:
               A. Determining your percentage of body fat.
               B. Body Mass Index calculation
               C. Your horse and you
               D. Set your S.M.A.R.T goals

          Lesson Two:
                A. How to eat correctly - not dieting!
                B. Make changes gradually.

          Lesson Three:
                A. Exercise
                B. Determine calories

         Lesson Four:
               A. Resistance training
               B. Exercises for you

       There is are no required textbooks for this course.

        There is a one year completion deadline from the time of enrollment in the course.

         The grading scale for this course is as follows:
                 90-100%  =    A
                 80-89%    =    B
                 70-79%    =    C
                 Below 70%     Fail

        You are strongly encouraged to communicate via email with the instructor. Ms. Fay is available as an instructor and mentor to assist you in meeting your goals for this course.  If at any time during this course you change your email address, please be sure to notify the instructor and office right away.
        Do not use text messaging shorthand or acronyms when communicating with the instructor.
        Please include full name and address in all correspondence.  

        Many lessons require written assignments or essays.  They should be submitted as an attachment to an email using Word or a similar word processing software.
        Please be sure to include full name and email address on all documents - not just in the email message. 
        Proper grammar and spelling will be graded.
        Do not use text messaging shorthand or acronyms - this is college level work.

        Access to a horse is required.
        The ability to make videos and submit them to the instructor is required.
        All assignments and quizzes must be completed.

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