Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Studies


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    Enter Quantity:      One Time Enrollment Fee $150.00


    Enter Quantity:      Conformation and Selection For Performance $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Understanding Equine Behavior $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Training Performance Horses $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Nutrition For Maximum Performance $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Health and Disease $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Reproduction $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Stallion Management $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Safety and Rescue $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Riding Instructor: Role and Responsibilities (Prerequisite to Teaching Techniques) $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Stable Management $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      The Business of Making Money With Horses $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Legal Aspects of Horse Management $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Teaching Techniques $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Showmanship In Hand $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Dressage: Foundation for All Riding Disciplines $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Preparation for Competition $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Massage $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Equine Photography $400.00


    Enter Quantity:      Equine Symposium $700.00

ELECTIVES - A minimum of three (3) electives are required for graduation

    Enter Quantity:      Competitive Longe Line $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Five Element Theory for Horses $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Traditional Chinese Medicine for Horses $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Fit to Ride $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Rev-up Your Dressage Scores $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Ride Competitive Trail $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Train For Reining $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Train For Trail Class $400.00
    Enter Quantity:      Train For Western Riding $400.00


Students are required to earn 126 semester hours of credit to graduate:  23 equine study courses plus eight general education courses.

 Click here to see general education requirements and courses.

The Petition for Graduation process will begin once you have enrolled in Equine Studies Symposium. Breyer State University will grant the Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies and provide: an official set of transcripts, a degree diploma signed and embossed with the official Breyer State University seal, a letter of degree conferral, a wallet size card of the studentís diploma and blue-vinyl diploma holder.


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